Picnic and Event Reservation

You are welcome to use the park on a first-come, first-served basis or you may reserve one or more areas of the park in advance for gatherings and events.

Olive Grove

First-Come, First-Served

If the area you are interested in isn't reserved and no one is using the area when you arrive, you are welcome to use it free of charge. However, without a picnic or special event permit and because this is an historic park, we have some rules that we ask everyone to follow.

  • 1) You may bring in food that is already prepared or have food delivered, but you may not bring in your own portable BBQs or stoves for cooking.
    (Please note BBQs are NOT currently available.)
  • 2) The hiring of third party vendors is not allowed. This includes entertainers (clowns, characters, coaches, DJs, musicians, etc.) and on site caterers / servers / clean up crews. Note: Events may be catered by the adjoining Lakeside Café without a Special Event Permit.
  • 3) No electronically amplified music or public address systems.
  • 4) Activities / games that can damage historic structures / grounds are not allowed (e.g., bounce houses, petting zoos, soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, Frisbee, water guns, water balloons, piñatas, etc.). No drawing on trees or structures, climbing trees or picking fruit (e.g., oranges), decorations or signs attached to trees or historic structures (you may attach decorations / signs to the picnic tables and exterior chain link fence), dumping ice on grass, moving park tables, stakes in the ground, or driving on the grass.
  • 5) Setting up extra equipment (e.g., tables, chairs, canopies, generators, etc.) is not allowed. With first-come, first-served, the park is intended to be used as is.

Picnic Reservation Permit
The Picnic Reservation Permit allows you to reserve one of our three reservable picnic areas (the Olive Grove, or Gaggle Grove) for the day. It also allows you to bring in a limited number of additional tables, chairs, and canopies (anchoredwithout stakes). The permit could also allow the use of certain third-party vendors. Depending on the vendor, however, additional fees may apply. Talk to park staff for more details.

Please note Citrus Grove is not currently available.

Olive Grove

Olive Grove: the Olive Grove offers 5 picnic tables with a full view of the grassy field, is sunny depending upon the time of day, and is nearest the Moorpark Street entrance and restrooms. The Olive Grove Picnic Reservation Permit (1-75 people) starts at $100.

Gaggle Grove

Gaggle Grove: Gaggle Grove is situated along the La Maida fence with a view of the pond's ducks and geese, offers 5 picnic tables, and is sunny depending upon the time of day. The Gaggle Grove Picnic Reservation Permit (1-75 people) starts at $100.

The Adobe Picnic Area (the 5 picnic tables located between the adobe and the pond) is not reservable and remains available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you would like to make a picnic reservation, please contact park staff to check for availability. Do not send in the permit or payment without first talking to park staff. You will need to pay the fee in full (by check or money order)to reserve a date and location.

Please let park staff know if you would like a guided tour when making your reservation.

Print a reservation form.

Special Event Permit
A Special Event Permit allows you to hold an event that goes beyond a few of the above restrictions. For example, if you want to have more than 100 people in attendance, bring in additional equipment (including portable BBQs, generators, etc.), hire certainvendors, charge guests for anything (including alcohol, entry fees, merchandise, etc.), or use the park after hours, you will need a Special Event Permit. Although the Special Event Permit gives you a lot more flexibility, activities or games that can damagehistoric structures or park grounds are still not permitted (e.g., piñatas, bounce houses, etc.).

Special Event Permits vary in price, depending upon your event's size, details, and park staffing needs.

If you would like to get a Special Event Permit or would like more information, please contact park staff.